Glen Ey

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Carn Bhac


Beinn Iutharn Mhor


Carn an Righ


Glas Tulaichean


An Socach


date climbed


time taken

10 hours


16km bike 24km walking


2050m (6,725ft)

OS Map


Fair but some heavy rain in the afternoon on the bike ride back

Starting point :  Invervey

The bike ride to the Altanour Lodge is a fairly lengthy affair but the track was not in too bad a condition. Bike lock up was a done a super fast speed since the midges were mobbing about my head and so it was upwards towards Carn Bhac. The Steve Fallon route mentions a path from the Lodge but I did not seem to find it so the climb up Carn Bhac was all off path. After this summit, there follows a fair chunk of featureless hillside so I was grateful for having a mist free morning. A grass strip was located that lead through the crags on the side of Beinn Iutharn Mhor. Once on the peak’s shoulder it was a bouldery but easy ascent to the summit. Paths seem to appear and disappear quite freely during the day and this was the case for the route to Carn an Righ. Once at the bealach below the peak a very untidy but significant path was picked up that lead to the summit cairn. Steve’s route takes a direct line to Glas Tulaichean but I preferred the more leisurely ascent using the north eastern spur to gain the summit. After retracing my footsteps back down the spur the walk to the foot of An Socach was undertaken. A very steep and rocky path lead to the long flat summit plateau and eventually the peak. The descent back to the Lodge was steep at first and then the grassy sides of burn were used to lead back to the bridge over the Alltan Odhar, just by Altanour Lodge.