Loch Ossian Munros

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Three munros around Loch Ossian where climbed with the help of train journey from the Station Bunk House in Tulloch.  

Beinn na Lap

935m / 3067ft

Sgor Gaibhre

955m / 3133ft

Carn Dearg

941m / 3087ft

date climbed


time taken

6 hours





OS Map

Landranger 41


Overcast but with good visibility

Starting point : Corrour Station

The inital plans for the day were to get the train to Corrour Station, do the walk and then have something to eat at the restaurant on the station. Plans were derailed for this when we found out that the restaurant was closed due to repairs being carried out on the water supply. This meant that in order to avoid a very long wait for a train we had to get round the 3 munros in just over six hours. So we started the walk at a brisk trot along the path towards Loch Ossian. The first peak of the day, Beinn na Lap, was taken directly. The descend down to Loch Ossian was a steep, grassy affair so we were soon back on the Loch Ossian track heading for lodge at the end of the Loch. The lodge is fine looking affair with large glass windows in a grand designs sort of style. The ascent of Sgor Gaibhre was again a pretty direct affair after the forest around the lodge was passed. The descent and ascent to Carn Dearg was straightforward and it was clear we now stood a good chance of catching our train so it was with good speed that we completed the descent back to Loch Ossian with the final walk up the track to the station. Steve Fallon gives 6:30 for the running time on his site and we did in just over 6:00. I think this is first time I have actually beaten Steve’s running time on his website!

Pictures from the Eastern Munros