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The Big Walks Club website was set up to record my mountain adventures and was originally inspired by the Ken Wilson's wonderful Big Walks and Classic Climbs books. The site will hopefully also inspire and help others enjoy their own mountain experiences.

The site provides information about expeditions being planned, as well as reports and photographs from previous trips.

Trip Reports are posted on the website as they happen. Quick links to some of the most popular pages on the site are given below :  

Welcome to the Big Walks Club Website

Video films have been made of most of trips. These would help greatly in the planning stage if you are thinking of repeating any expeditions and are produced very professionally. If you would like a DVD please go to Trip Reports for details of how to get hold of copies.

A section giving Useful Links is provided for information on weather and routes.

Please leave a message on the contact page if you want any more information about the routes we have completed or if you would like to join me in the Mountains.  It's great  to hear from like minded souls.


December 2021

I completed the Muros at the end of 2015 and have not really done much in Scotland since then. Starting in May - June 2022 I going to start my round of the Corbetts as well as repeating some of my longer Munro expeditions where the weather was pretty rotten the first time around.  Plans for the HRP traverse in the Pyrenees are still being considered but I feel that this expedition will have to wait a few years when I will retire.


March 2020

 Planning for the JMT has now been put on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak. An application for a permit has been put into the Yosemite system but as yet there has only been denial emails so hikers are still applying for permits.

The site is dedicated to the memory of my Dad, John Galsworthy, Group Scout Leader of the 11th Warrington Troop and loving father, who gave me the skills to climb all the mountains in my life

David Galsworthy

Big Walks Club

GR20 Corsica

The John Muir Trail California

The Cuillin Ridge Traverse

Cuillin Ridge Traverse John Muir Trail 2013 Corsica GR20

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